The Cyber Den – October 8, 2014

Written by on 8th October 2014

Jake and his handy sidekick Aston take a two-hour weekly look at the latest news in the world of video
game and technology. News of the latest game releases, the answers to the previous Question of the Week from his wonderful listeners, the Strange Game(s) of the Week, fun facts, silly information about monkeys in video games, and some hilarious game-related anecdotes, right here on Siren FM!

Originally aired 08.10.2014.

This week’s content includes:
– Dead Rising being turned into a movie
– Why Bayonetta 2 is staying on the Wii U
– A sample of the fan-made album Harmony of Heroes
– A discussion on what is quite possibly the world’s only one-dimensional game
– The strangest power-up item ever – what is “Scott’s Mystical Head”?
– The weekly question – what’s the worst movie based on a game you have seen?
And much more!

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