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Lincolnshire Police appeals to Home Secretary

Written by on 9th December 2014

Lincolnshire Police appeals to Home Secretary

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Following cuts to funding that may continue in the future, senior members of Lincolnshire Police have written letters to the Home Secretary, the Right Honourable Theresa May MP.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Neil Rhodes wrote the original letter, and to back it up the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Comissioner Alan Hardwick sent one shortly afterwards.

Through this they hope to bring to better light the probelms faced by the force, including the fact that the cost of policing per head of population is the very lowest in the country, whereas the caseload of officers is the third highest.

After a considerable interest from the public and the media towards the content of those letters, they were both publsihed in full on the Lincolnshire Police website. Also our reporter Sebastian Edgington-Cole scrutinised the documents and interviewed the two officials. His full report can be heard by clicking on ‘listen’.