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Mental health awareness week in Lincoln

Written by on 11th May 2015

Mental health awareness week in Lincoln

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Shine, a local health network aims to educate people and help those suffering with mental health problems like anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

People in Lincoln are encouraged to give themselves a helping hand by attending the Shine stand that will be located in Lincoln’s City centre on Thursday 14th May.

The network is keen to remove the stigma which is still associated with mental illnesses. They are also keen on showing people the various avenues of help that they can access should they feel like they need it.

The mission is to raise awareness of the support available and the various steps that people can take to improve their mental wellness. Siren FM’s Garion Wentworth asked Charles Cooke about the importance of mental health and the event on Thursday 14th May.

Click on the link above to hear what he had to say.