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Could we ever see a real Jurassic Park?

Written by on 12th June 2015

Could we ever see a real Jurassic Park?

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Following the recent release of the film Jurassic World, and the fact the original trilogy are still fondly in my memories, I’ve recently started wondering whether a real Jurassic Park could ever be possible.

Imagine a zoo or safari park but rather than it be inhabited by elephants, crocodiles, lions, etc. its residents would be triceratops, T-Rexs’, velociraptors and so on.


Obviously the main drawback is that these animals have been extinct for millions of years, but would such a park still be possible in the future?

Well to find out I spoke to Senior Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences of the University of Lincoln and palaeontologist Doctor Marcello Ruta so click listen to hear the answer.