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Meet The Barons!

Written by on 3rd July 2015

A small team of Siren FM reporters, Conor Ellis, Rosie Lewis, and Ashley Kenworthy recently took on the Lincoln Barons’ Charter Trail.

Finding all 25 statues in the city of Lincoln, the team described each Baron, where you can find them and even asked some of the people of Lincoln what they thought about them.

A special programme was then put together featuring all twenty five Barons, as well as a song linked to each individual Baron, presented by Sebastian Edgington-Cole.

Whether you’ve taken on the trail and want our take on it, or you’re considering doing it yourself, Meet The Barons is the show to listen to.

And while you’re listening, have a look at our photo gallery below, and you can find out more about the Barons here. Enjoy!

Siren FM’s Conor, Rosie, Ashley and Seb visit all 25 Barons in Lincoln. Listen again to the show! by Sirenmedia on Mixcloud

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