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Written by on 6th January 2011

Welcome! The Siren Surgery has a new start time of 3pm Sunday until 5pm and will now be repeated on Tuesday after at 11am until 1pm – we’re exploring the start of the New Year, resolutions and the like.

Later this month

23rd January – Health and fitness.

Please get in touch via Facebook – log on and search for THE SIREN SURGERY or email us

We have a new ‘agony aunt’ feature, topic related songs, interviews and more so tune in or miss out!

Any suggestions for future topics are welcome, come on……get involved…..after all it’s your community radio!

Don’t forget the Siren Surgery airs this Sunday at 3 and the topic for discussion is ‘New Years Resolutions’ we also feature ‘Ticklefish’ and an interview with someone from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

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