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SquabbleBox: Adam Pearson

Written by on 29th January 2016


Adam Pearson has been a big supporter of SquabbleBox and Siren FM. In fact this is not Adam’s first time on the show, he was actually the special guest on our first ever episode back in October, therefore we felt it was fitting that he joins us for our first week in the new slot of 11am until 1pm on Friday lunchtimes.
Since his last appearance many of our listeners have been eager for Mr Pearson to return to the show, and this past week he generously granted us an interview, despite his busy schedule.

And when I say Adam has been busy, I mean he has been busy! In fact, in the pre-show chat, he quipped that next week will be the first week of this year he has not been on television. You have got to have been living under a rock for the past month if you have not seen Adam’s multiple appearances on ‘This Morning’ on ITV, alongside his presenting duties on ‘Tricks of the Restaurant Trade’ on Channel 4, and another hard hitting documentary in ‘Adam Pearson: Freak Show’ for BBC3. How he ever found time to star alongside Scarlett Johansson in ‘Under The Skin’ I will never know!

Adam suffers from Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) which he describes in the simplest form as a condition that causes tumours to grown on his face. However Adam doesn’t let this affect him, in fact in his 2015 Documentary ‘The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime’ he tells the audience he is performing comedy for ‘You might recognise me off the TV, I’ve got one of those faces’.

When you listen to SquabbleBox (29.01.16), in part one of the interview you will hear Adam discuss his thoughts on American Freak Shows and how he feels about them now after completing his journey as part of the documentary. Then in part two in the second hour Adam joins us again to talk about ‘Tricks of the Restaurant Trade’ and what he would like to do next.

Adam is becoming a bigger player in the TV presenting game every time he brings out a new documentary. Trust me, this will not be the last time you see Adam on TV this year, he is always coming up with new ideas, and we are sure that Adam will be back on the show in the upcoming months as his next move is revealed.

You will be able to ‘Listen Again’ to Adam’s interview when SquabbleBox (29.01.16) is uploaded to MixCloud very soon. Check out the SquabbleBox page on for more details.

‘Tricks of the Restaurant Trade’ can be found on All 4 for the foreseeable future and you can find Adam’s latest documentary ‘Adam Pearson: Freak Show’ on Iplayer for another 25 days from today. (30.01.16)
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