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The 90s! Its the New 80s!

Written by on 15th February 2011

Listeners to today’s show will have heard me confirm what has been talked about for some time. As a result of listener demand, after what can only be described as an avalanche of encouragement, I will be bringing you all a one off special 90s old school throw back show.

We keep it a very hidden secret that I am actually a 70s child (oops!) but I am bravely proclaiming the 90s as the best decade ever and who can argue with such a claim?

A decade that brought us Shell Suits, Pat Sharp, his mullet, and his fun house, Pogs (remember those!), Super Mario, The X-Files, Wicky Wicky Wild Wild Will Smith, Bart Simpson and the Internet…to name but a few things!

As a result of all this 90s love, over the next few weeks, ill be putting together a stellar playlist and preparing the show in much the same way as famous 90s release Windows 95 (err..98?..NT?..3.0? 3.1!) and I’d love it if you would get involved…

If you can think of anything 90s, like toys, clothes, memories, music, TV shows then get in touch and let us know. Either leave some comments here on the site or email me direct on and give us some suggestions. You can also contact me on twitter @DJGRoberts if social networking is your thing!

The Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, 5ive, Britpop, The Prodigy…Children of the Night, Boom boom boom..let me hear you say wayooh..Rhythm is a Dancer, Wonderwall…

Ahhh Memories!!

Don’t forget also to tune in on Mondays and Tuesdays 1pm-3pm to hear all my random witterings and all sorts of charty goodness on Lincolns First Community Radio Station!

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