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Fear for the future of the human race…

Written by on 21st February 2011

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Listeners to Mondays show will have heard one of the most stupid stories I’ve ever had the joy of reporting, achieving a monumentally headache inducing level of stupidity. For those of you who missed it, the story was a tale of crime, punishment, animal cruelty and condiments.

Full Story here thanks to the good folks at Digital Spy.

The sheer horror and stupidity of the story is astounding, not only for the cruelty to the poor goldfish, but also for the choice of death for said aquatic creatures. Add to death by ketchup, the fact that 3 mid-teens were convinced that the course of action they were taking was the correct one due to the possibility that the easy to care for marine animals would in fact suddenly learn how to effectively communicate with humans skipping hundreds of years of possible evolution, and shop the boys for a crime they allegedly committed.

To steal a phrase most teens using the internet would likely understand and likely use… Epic Fail!

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