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SquabbleBox- Fight Factory Wrestling UK Review (24th April 2016 – Birchwood Leisure Centre)

Written by on 5th May 2016

I’ve been watching professional wrestling for years. I watch it more than any other form of entertainment, therefore back in November 2015 when I was afforded the opportunity to interview Dutch and Miss Rebecca from Fight Factory Wrestling UK, I jumped at the chance.

For those who have yet to discover Fight Factory Wrestling UK, they are a professional wrestling organisation that regularly perform in and around Lincolnshire. Their roster is made up of veterans to the British scene and regular visits from international superstars, but what is most impressive are the shining stars that have come out of local wrestling school ‘Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling Academy’. If you want to find out more about both Fight Factory Wrestling UK and Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling Academy, you can listen to my November 2015 interview with Dutch and Miss Rebecca at the bottom of this page.

That interview was one of my favourites, they were both open and honest about their careers, the company and after hearing about all the amazing work that Fight Factory do for charity, I knew that we had to have them on again in the future.

On the 22nd April 2016 episode of SquabbleBox, Fight Factory Wrestling UK returned to the show. This time being represented by ‘The Pretty Boy’ Peter Payne, the loudmouth ring announcer and presenter of Fight Factory Weekly. ‘The Pretty Boy’ was in the studio to promote the ongoing Revelations tour of Lincolnshire that culminated in a big show at Birchwood Leisure Centre on the 24th April 2016, and I went along to review the show.


‘The Pretty Boy’ Peter Payne

I arrived at the show early, before the doors had opened and their was already an excited crowd queuing outside of the venue. Once inside I grabbed the final front row seat and settled down for what I knew was going to be a great event.



One of the things that really stands out at a Fight Factory UK event and really puts them above the rest is their lighting, sound and other visual aesthetics. It may seem like a small thing, but adds so much to the overall professionalism of the show.

A special bonus match was put on for the fans who got to the event early, as two of the upcoming ladies from the wrestling school got a chance in front of the live crowd, an integral part of their development as performers. Annie May Richards faced off with Desiree. Both girls fought a good match that warmed up the crowd nicely with Annie May getting the win. I’ve seen Annie May Richards a few times now and every time I see her she’s been growing as a character and improving. I know I should hate her, but I find her very entertaining.

The event kicks off with friend of the show Peter Payne and FFW ring announcer Dan Wilson, who welcome us to the event and get it underway. Out comes fan favourites Dutch and Edward Ripper for a tag team match. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen as out comes Shane ‘The Man’ Manson, one of the authority figures of FFW, to announce that not only will this match not be taking place, but that Dutch and Ripper would be working behind the merchandise stands during the show, which to be honest, I’m sure Dutch didn’t mind doing as it meant he could sell some more of his shirts!

So onto the next match, Caz Crash taking on the cocky Will Wild. Wild was sporting a mask, clearly embarrassed after losing a hair vs. moustache match against Edward Ripper on the 22nd April in Gainsborough. The loss of the match, and his hair, earlier that weekend must have clearly been bothering him as he was on the losing end of the match to Caz aswell. An entertaining match, a great example of Fight Factory’s fun, family friendly nature, with a subtle joke for the parents if you pay attention to Wild’s ring gear.

There has been a resurgence, or I believe the ‘in’ word right now is ‘Revolution’ when it comes to women’s wrestling as of late in the major leagues of the WWE, however at Fight Factory Wrestling you can tell that the passion for women’s wrestling is something that has always been there. The next match of the afternoon pitted FFW Ladies champion Teagan Scott vs. Jami Sparx. Both young girls with a lot of passion, you can tell that they love getting the chance to go out and wrestle each other and that Jami Sparx was eager to cement her place as the number one contender for the championship. The match came to an end when Annie May Richards came running down to the ring and hit Jami over the head with the championship leading Lincoln’s favourite referee, Jeff the Ref, to believe that Scott had committed the offence herself. With a disqualification victory, could this be Sparx’s opening to a championship match? Or is Annie May’s quest for management to take notice paying off? I guess we will find out soon enough!


Jami Sparx vs. Teagan Scott

The next match was scheduled to be ‘The Gate Keeper’ Aiden Drake taking on the FFW Academy Champion ‘The Rising Star’ Tommy Rider. Both young and rising stars of the British scene, home grown here in Lincolnshire, but most importantly, they have bright futures ahead. I’ve been waiting to see this match live for months, however it seems today wasn’t going to be the day as Drake backed out of the match, in true bad guy fashion, and announced that Rider would instead be taking on his good friend, Dale Preston.

When Dale Preston arrives at a venue, this mammoth of a man, sporting his ‘Pride of Boston’ shirt, forces you to take notice with his pure size alone, when ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ booms through the speakers. But if that wasn’t enough he was accompanied by the mischievous red head, Eliza Roux and his best friend, King Kendo.


Tommy Rider throwing a punch at a bemused Dale Preston

For those who don’t know much about the legend of King Kendo, I would enlighten you on the subject, but I wouldn’t want to risk getting any of the facts incorrect. Recently I made the mistake of making a tongue in cheek comment on SquabbleBox that I could beat King Kendo in a fight, therefore I was careful to not make eye contact with the goliath when he stood mere feet away from me and hoping that he didn’t recognise me through my disguise of a new haircut and glasses.

Anyway, back to the match, and Tommy Rider tried to put up a good fight against Kendo, but it looked like it was going to end quickly, something that Drake revelled at the idea of, as he took the spare seat next to me and began spouting off smarmy insults about the champion.

But wait no, it seems that it may not all end here! Out comes authority figure, Miss Rebecca, who announces that she is adding another element to this contest in the form of Ricky Knight Junior, aka, BattleKat. This event really stood by that age old saying in professional wrestling… Card subject to change, but every change brought more and more excitement to the show.


BattleKat takes a dive out of the ring onto the Agency. Spot the shocked Siren FM presenter watching on in the background

So, now a three-way triple threat match, an exciting contest ensued that had your attention captured throughout. Whether it was dives outside the ring, picture perfect dropkicks, or Battlekat being thrown face first into a brick wall, this bout had the fans entertained for every second of it. Dale Preston picked up the win in the end, but we all had a feeling there may be more to come as it was announced that after the interval Aiden Drake would be going one on one with 15 year veteran, Tony Valentine.


‘The Gate Keeper’ Aiden Drake

When we returned from the interval Drake and Valentine wrestled a highly entertaining match. Drake is fantastic on the microphone (His R Truth ‘Okay, what me!’ reference was not lost on this wrestling fan!) and a blue chipper in the ring. He’s been getting the opportunity recently to face some of the country’s brightest stars and you can really tell that is playing a major factor in his development. This match was no different, a fantastic veteran/rookie story with Drake taking the victory after some dodgy interference from his friends in the Agency.


Aiden Drake hitting a splash onto Tony Valentine as Eliza Roux watches on

After all this hard hitting, fast paced action, the next match on the card added a welcome bit of comedy to the afternoon. Local gym ‘buff’ Flex Buffington, taking on the teacher that you always hated Mr Williams. Fun, family friendly antics, and fans were left devastated as Will Wild got involved and ensured the sadistic teacher’s victory.


Mr Williams was not happy when Flex Buffington touched his glasses

Onto the main event of the evening. There was a lot of excitement heading into this match, billed a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the FFW Championship between reigning champion Joey Ozbourne and challenger Robbie X.


The champion makes his entrance

Earlier in the night ‘The Agency’s’ Shane Manson had declared it would instead be a no holds barred match. It looks like Joey and Rob didn’t get the memo as chairs, ladders, tables, trashcans, and anything they could get their hands on played a huge role in this matchup.


Robbie X uses the steel chairs to his advantage

Highlights involved the arrogant Joey Ozbourne ordering a whole section of the fans out of their seats so that he could use the area to throw Robbie X like a lawn dart, and later Robbie X regaining control after interference from a whole bunch of talent and taking them all out with a dive from the scaffolding of the entrance way.


Robbie X showing off his skills


What was he doing up there?


Nobody will stand between Robbie and the championship

The ending of this match however, proved that even when a match takes place between two multi-year trained and travelled professionals, things can still go wrong. Joey Ozbourne was knocked out during the closing moments of the match, with Robbie X taking the victory and becoming the new Fight Factory Wrestling Champion.

Something didn’t feel quite right, there was an eerie feeling in the air. The next thing we know Dutch, Miss Rebecca and the medical team were in the ring treating Joey Ozbourne as fans stood by anxious to know he was okay.


Fight Factory medics are quick to react

It was an extremely scary moment that highlighted the importance of safety in professional wrestling. Yes it is entertainment, but when things go wrong, it can be very dangerous, and it is not something that you should try at home.

Dutch, Miss Rebecca and The Fight Factory Wrestling UK medical staff dealt with the situation brilliantly, proving once again their consonant professionalism, and I am happy to say that Joey is doing okay.

The Fight Factory Wrestling family have become great friends to us here at SquabbleBox and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon down at the event. As highlighted in this article, there really is something for everyone at a Fight Factory Wrestling event.

If you would like to find out more about their upcoming events in the Lincolnshire area, or maybe you are interested in stepping in the ring yourself and seeing what it takes to be a wrestler, you can find out more by going to:

and checking out Fight Factory Weekly – Every Thursday night on Youtube.

I will leave you with one final image, myself being dragged into the ring for a photo with Dutch, Ripper and Jeff the Ref.


I’ve not shaved off all my hair… the hat just doesn’t suit me!


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Listen to our interview with Dutch and Miss Rebecca here.

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A special thank you to Dave Stacey Photography for providing me with photos of the event.

Article Written by Kai Valentine