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Written by on 20th March 2011

Siren FM is delighted to be part of an exciting and wide ranging project to send some of our interviews to a European radio network called Euranet –  Each week the production team headed up by Deborah Wilson, acting deputy head of the Lincoln School of Journalism, receives a briefing which gives our reporters the theme for that week.  Siren FM is part of a 10 strong team of community radio stations who’re working with national radio stations from across Europe.  A quick look at the website shows that we’re joining part of a very illustrious group.

So far we’ve supplied two pieces – and you can find the latest here: – and it’s the piece on Pre school education.

Andrew David

This week we’re proud to be sending in a 30 minute extended interview which is part of the “Profile” series; and I have been to meet one of the MEPs who represents our area, Bill Newton Dunn, who is the longest serving MEP from the UK. Our discussion ranges from Japan, Libya and the nuclear debate, to education and global warming.

So catch it in full on Wednesday 23rd March at 1230 as part of my show or on line from the Euranet site from the same time.

Happy Listening – Andrew David, Managing Editor