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Gregory Porter, Wayne Bergeron, Bud Flanagan Feature on Simply Jazz

Written by on 24th June 2016

Join Tom Stevens every Tuesday from 12pm until 1pm for Siren Simply Jazz only on Siren FM and online.

Relax with your lunchtime jazz as Tom plays the very best of past and present jazz and swing with the melodies from the golden age of the Big Bands. With special guests, new releases and features on the show. If you misses the show you can always catch the repeat programme on Friday evening at 10pm-11pm or listen online! or mix cloud put in siren simply jazz or the show page on Facebook put in siren simply jazz Show

This week Tom features music by the beats and pieces big band, Gregory porter, Wayne Bergeron, Bud Flanagan, Stan Kenton Alumni band, Corrine Bailey Rae, the U.S Army Field Jazz Ambassadors, Charles Mole, and new technology to give old blue eyes a new lease of life.

A brand new CD released by the chairman of the board frank tools have been used to lift Frank Sinatra voice out of old recordings and then talented musicians have transformed these songs into stereo by playing the same charts as the original players in the Columbia sessions by having world class musicians. The NEW RECORDINGS are plush, detailed and alive! The young Frank has a voice with an impressive range, perfect pitch mellifluous tones and a great feel for the often sophicated lyrics he sang.

In fact you may prefer the old versions here are two songs April in Paris and London by night – which were his more famous recordings for Capital in 1958. There were 282 officially released masters which Frank cut for Columbia, more than 100 never even made it on to vinyl. Their only appearance being 78 rpm shellac disc and after he left the Columbia label let his catalog lie for decades and despite a couple of pricy boxsets and some cheap ads. Here are the the tracks on this cd which are still largely unknown or at least under and appreciated by many fans world wide even today.

The album was remastered by Richard Moore mint audio reproduction and was only possible by the wonderful restoration work by Richard Moore he has been responsible for remasting all of the Matt Monroe releases in resent years this was no easy task.