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Siren News Goes Global

Written by on 1st April 2011

The appointment of a new news team, following Dom McAndrew’s marathon stint as the excellent News Co-ordinator since his first year at the University of Lincoln, has given us a chance to build on his excellent tenure of that office.  John Fernandez heads the team as our News Editor with help from 3 Assistant News Editors (ANEs), Emma Greatorex (Training), Rachel Harris (Outreach) and  Jamie Freshwater (Webcomms).

Jamie and his Comms colleagues have started as they mean to go on by getting the 5.45pm bulletin  – with audio clips – onto the Siren News area of the website.  Check it out.  It’s our aim to get each evening’s bulletin up on the web as soon as practically possible so that if you can’t go on line or listen live, you can always catch up with what’s been happening in Siren’s area at your convenience.