Strange Eating Habits!

Written by on 6th April 2011


For those of you who wondered if I was making up the story today on the show about the woman who eats sofas, here is the show it was featured in. Also below is the original story thanks to the guys and gals at Digital Spy.

A mother-of-five from Florida has revealed an addiction to eating sofas.

Adele Edwards, 30, is believed to suffer from pica, a condition where patients feel compelled to eat largely non-nutritive substances, The Sun reports.

Edwards said: “I was 10 years old when I was first introduced to cushion. At first, I thought it was strange but, after sucking it for a while, I came to like the texture.

“I started chewing cushion regularly and would swallow whole chunks as though it was candy floss. It sounds strange but, to me, foam tasted like sweets.”

She added to Discovery Home & Health show My Strange Addiction: “I’m scared. I’ve never eaten cushion in front of my kids – I don’t want them to copy me.

“They don’t know what I’m doing to my body but I’m terrified that one day they’ll have to tell people, ‘Mummy died from eating too many sofas.'”

Edwards, who has consumed an estimated eight sofas and five chairs, also eats elastic bands, other rubber items and recently required an emergency procedure to remove foam from her intestines.

I expect some witty comments below!!

Love you long time ten dollar!


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