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Siren News Headlines – 11/4/11

Written by on 11th April 2011

Lincoln’s top stories on Monday 11th April

New plans for Brayford Warf

Walking by the water could soon be much fancier.

Plans today unveiled by Lincoln City Council include giving the  Brayford Wharf better access for traffic and refurbishing empty buildings.

Also included in the plans are the blue prints for more student accommodation.

Siren FM’s Josh Francis has more.

Job centre on strike

Lincoln Job centre staff are staging a 24 hour strike next week.

The strike is part of a national campaign, over working conditions, and the management’s “lack of willingness” to resolve the issues.

The strike will begin on April 18th, when over 30 call centre staff will be taking action.

National Depression Week

Today sees the beginning of National Depression week.

The week aims to educate people in the symptoms and seriousness of the condition.

The condition affects one in five people and it was found that most people who suffer from depression do not seek help.

John Fernandez has more.

Sun bed ban

Under 18s in England have been banned from using sun beds.

The new law has been put in place to protect children and teenagers from skin cancer.

There’s been a sudden rise in cases of skin cancer in teenagers and young women, which has been linked to increased sun bed usage.

Siren FM spoke to Rachel Harris about why she used and stopped using a sunbed.

Burkas banned in France

A law to ban burkas in public has come into place in France today.

Anyone caught wearing a burka, or certain other garments covering the face, will receive a fine, and must attend citizenship lessons.

Protests from people who oppose the new law have taken place across France today.

Politicians from the UK Independence Party have proposed a similar ban in the UK.

We asked people in Lincoln for their views.

And Finally…

Today is Siren’s 15th birthday.

The station was first opened at The University of Lincoln’s Hull campus in 1996, although it was only available online.

In 1998 the radio station moved to Lincoln. Siren FM was finally awarded it’s Ofcom community radio license in 2006 and wnet live in August 2007.