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Written by on 12th April 2011

Lincoln’s top stories on Tuesday 12th April.

Plans for new marina in Lincolnshire

Residents of Cherry Willingham in Lincolnshire have launched a campaign against plans to build a multi-million pound marina near their village.

Although the new marina could boost the local economy and create jobs,  residents are worried that the development could see their village become a town.

Thomas Bowen has more…

Plans to re-open Lowfields Infant School

Lincoln residents are backing ideas to re-open an empty infant school.

 Julie Roe and her daughter Leanne have been asking residents if the former Lowfields Infant School, in Calder Road should be put back into use.

They say, so far, all of the responses have been in support for the re-opening of the school.

The building will be part of the proposed Therese Lord Independent School for one hundred and forty special needs children aged between four and eighteen.

Warmth for Students

A planning application has been submitted to Lijncolon City Council proposing draught proof entrances be installed in the University of Lincoln’s Main Admin Building.

The University is hoping that the alterations are carried out over the summer so they’re ready for students in the new two-thousand and eleven two-thousand and twelve academic year.

Less students on gap years

Statistics released by leading student travel provider, Essential Travel, show less backpackers are set to take a gap year travelling due to tuition fee rises.

With Fee’s now capped at £9,000 less students are looking to take a year out.

Siren Fm asked the University of Lincoln’s students whether they thought gap years were a good idea.

Lincoln’s bid for sports funding

People in Lincoln are being asked what kind of sports and activities they’d like in their communities.

Lincoln City Council’s Sports Development Team is applying for around four hundred thousand pounds from the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Reaching Communities’ scheme.

If successful, the money would be used to bring healthy activities and sports to the city, which is being chosen by residents in an online survey.

The Wombats are coming to town!

The indie rock band, The Wombats, will be visiting Lincoln on the 3rd of October to perform at the Engine Shed.

They will be doing a number of shows around the UK in order to
promote their new album ‘The Modern Glitch’ which is set to be
released on the 25th of April.

Free Ice Cream

And finally, it’s not every day that you are given free ice cream just for going in a shop.

However on Tuesday at the Lincoln Odeon’s branch of Ben and Jerry’s that’s exactly what’s been going on!

Siren FM went down to the shop to ask why the free ice cream was being served.

Hobbs returns to Lincoln Ladies

Nicola Hobbs, FA Cup Winner, has returned to The Lincoln Ladies Football club after a 4 year absence.

Nicola, who has been improving her international chances by playing for Everton, now wants to return home.

She says she feels more of a connection to the Lincoln Ladies.

Scott Spencer to cover for Grimes during suspension

Scott Spencer is set to take the place of Ashley Grimes for two weeks due to Grimes’ suspension from playing for the Imps.

Spencer, if he proves himself through training this week, will earn a place in the Lincoln City versus Crewe match this Saturday.

Let’s hope this will let the Imps recover from their crushing defeat last weekend with Gillingham Football Club.