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Lincoln: Mind Your Business

Written by on 28th April 2011

Hi I’m Andy Deighton welcoming you to the ‘Lincoln: Minding Your Business’ web page.

I have lived and worked in Lincoln for most of my life. I left Lincoln Christs Hospital School & started as an apprentice Fitter at Ruston Bucyrus like the rest of my mates. The 1980’s meant I was made redundant (like the rest of the City), fortunately milk was still being delivered at that time, so I got a job with the Co-op where I developed an interest in politics and became their youngest union representative at 20.

I was headhunted for engineering jobs until I took myself off to university to study Economics & Geography in London. However, running events was just as interesting. My voluntary role as entertainments officer developed into full time work following just 4 days commuting into ‘The City’ as a trainee economist for British Airways pensions…. Yup, was as dull as it sounds….

The last 20 years I’ve been mostly self-employed in stage, production & event management.  I have been a fundraising manager for a national charity as well as the events officer for Lincoln City Council (remember fireworks, floating stage and boat parades at  the Water Carnival?)

On the way to Siren FM I picked up a teaching qualification & the latter helped develop my dancing hobby into full time business when I brought salsa and jive to Lincoln in the guise of Jivefusion; a very successful business teaching thousands to dance in and around Lincolnshire.

Other hobbies have included rugby union, guitar playing, mountain biking and more recently quiz nights and geocaching….

As a businessman I have met many people whilst trying to keep my enterprises above water and I have hands on experience of dealing with many of the issues which still face us all today.

So why am I on Siren FM????

As an events manager I got involved with radio and TV promotions, and for the last couple of years I’ve been the “Strictly Come Dancing” correspondent for BBC Lincolnshire… and being a presenter seemed like fun…..