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NCCD and the University of Lincoln lead the way in accessible art

Written by on 27th January 2017

The National Centre for Craft and Design has partnered up with the University of Lincoln to make their latest exhibition fully accessible for those with visual disabilities.

The exhibition, 3D Printing: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful, shows all sides of 3D printing, and what this technology is allowing the art and design community to achieve.

The NCCD’s main exhibition space, with The Good The Bad and The Beautiful half installed
Photo: Matthew Dixon


Professor Anne Chick from the University of Lincoln, has partnered with the NCCD to incorporate accessibility features into the exhibition. It was something that the team wanted to make sure worked with the pieces, but also gave everyone a full immersive experience.

Professor Chick said: “They’re treated differently people with a visual impairment, or blindness. So I had the idea, after doing research, well why don’t we try and curate and design an inclusive exhibition. Rather than it always being an after thought.”

Each station has an audio guide, and most include items that the public can pick up and feel. Along with this a bright yellow path has been laid that will guide those who have visual impairments around the exhibition.

Included in the exhibition are local pieces such as a model bull that was remade with 3D printing tech, jewellery, and even a 3D printer that will be printing sweets for all those who go along.

If you would like more information you can visit the NCCD website. You can also have a look at the video bellow showing what the exhibition looked like just a few days before opening.