The warm rail can be found between St Swithin’s Church and Lincoln Central Library. PHOTOS; Bethany Pridding

A NEW rail to supply warm coats to those in need set up in Lincoln, has been attracted worldwide attention.

A group of volunteers gathered on Monday night to install the rail between St Swithin’s Church and Lincoln Central Library. 

Organiser, Charlotte Kemp said: “There were seven of us that came together and did this, and I think people have seen that and felt really positive about the fact that we call all make a difference. 

“We can all make a difference in making the city a better place.”

The post about the rail on Compassionate Lincoln’s Facebook page has since received more than 180,000 views. 

Ms Kemp said: “Seeing the response and the generosity to this, and all of the support people have for it has been amazing.

“Times are very difficult at the moment, and there’s been a lot that has been said that is potentially quite divisive for communities. 

“But with this, you see how brilliant we can be when we work together.”

Rachel Mound, who also helped to set up the rail, said: “I’ve been really humbled. 

“We watched someone the other night walk up, try a coat on, try another coat on, and then walk away in that coat – I pretty much cried all the way home! 

“It’s a coat. It’s such a simple thing to most of us, but to somebody else, that was massive.” 

The warm rail has been supported by large numbers of people within Lincoln.

Lincoln residents are being invited to drop off old coats, hats, scarves and other items to keep those in need warm. 

A Big Issue seller in the city also suggested that new underwear and socks are an often forgotten essential, and is encouraging residents to think about donating those too. 

He said: “You’re on your feet for nearly 23 hours a day. If you can’t look after your feet, it causes big problems and can make you really poorly.

“But, I do think the idea of donating old coats is fantastic. Whoever thought of it really does deserve a pat on the back – thank you.”



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