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Lincolnshire County Council heritage training a new generation of heritage craftsman

Written by on 14th March 2017

The council has been awarded £15,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund as foundation in

order to offer apprenticeships in heritage maintenance.

These apprenticeships will last between 12 – 18 Months and will include maintaining

heritage buildings, such as heritage brickwork, lead work, lime mortar work and joinery.

If this first phase is successful, the Heritage Lottery Fund will award £585,000 to deliver the

full programme.

John Hogan from Lincolnshire County Council has stated that he: “hopes the apprenticeships

will increase an interest for young people in sectors such as archaeology and project

planning as well as craftsmanship.

“There is a demand for specialists in these sectors and the apprenticeships will include

bursaries for the participants.

“They are encouraged to work on live settings like Lincoln Castle and Cathedral due to the

building’s unique challenges.”

Hogan states that there is a skills gap in the heritage sector at the moment because usually

these particular skills are passed down through generations, however this new opportunity

and the Lincoln castle heritage centre will enable other people to learn these skills through

courses and classes.

Hogan revealed that that the apprenticeships are currently in development and they have not

yet begun the induction process, however, he believes that this is “great news for Lincoln.”