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Indie Lincs: Bringing Low Budget Movies to the Big Screen

Written by on 17th March 2017

Lincoln’s own independent film festival, Indie Lincs, has returned for a second year. The festival invites film makers from around the world to enter films made on a shoe string budget.

To enter, short films (20 minutes and below) must have been completed on a budget of £5000 or less and feature films (above 70 minutes) must: “embody the micro or low budget film-making ethic.”

The festival’s organiser, Mikey Murray, said: “Our festival is particularly aimed towards low and micro budget films, so these are the kinds of films that don’t get any airplay.”

The organiser argued that lack of funding doesn’t stop independent films sharing “excellent” stories.

He said: “I think a lot of low budget films, particularly have excellent stories because they have to. they rely on having an excellent story or some sort of creative element, it doesn’t take money to write a good story.”

The festival, which got underway last night, has welcomed film makers from around the country, including Eren Özkural, a director from London. Eren’s film Run Away With Me, was one of 48 pictures to earn a space at the festival of the 150 entries Indie Lincs received.

Eren said: “These festivals really are what you make of it. If you just go to have your film shown then go back to your hotel room, it’s really not going to help you out.

“You can find fantastic camaraderie and friendships that can last a life time at these festivals, and that’s the most important part of it.”

Eren’s leading lady in Run Away With Me, Rosie MacPherson, commented on the variety of roles available in independent films. She said: “You’re going to get a meatier role (in an independent film) you’re in the trenches, doing it properly.