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The Improvisation of Music

Written by on 7th April 2017

Students on the BA (Hons) Music course looked at composing in a whole new light when they were joined by London-based quintet, Valia Calda, for a unique music masterclass last Friday.

The band, which draws inspiration from Jazz, Free Improvisation, Electronic and Greek Folk Music, spent the afternoon with the students, introducing them to the concept of free improvisation where musicians refuse to constrain themselves by following set rules.

Following a demonstration by Valia Calda, the inspired students took over, developing their free improvisation skills to create their very own musical masterpieces which were recorded by fellow Audio Production students.

Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, a lecturer in the School of Fine and Performing Arts, thought it would definately be worth trying an improvisational music workshop with both first and second year Music students at the University of Lincoln: “I wanted the students to experience something completely different,” Dr Balosso-Bardin explained. “Most of the students play popular or classical music so I wanted them to break down the barriers and see what happened. By learning the techniques behind conducting for improvisation the students will have the skills they need to play an improvised piece, not just as an individual artist but as a group.”