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Care services in Lincolnshire at “tipping point”, say industry experts

Written by on 10th February 2017

Care services in Lincolnshire have reached tipping point, according to the county’s Care Association.

Industry experts have raised concerns over the state of the sector and say too much is being asked of existing staff. 

Melanie Weatherley, chair of the Lincolnshire Care Association, insisted that the government aren’t providing enough money for the sector. She said: “I’d like to see Theresa May’s government listen to the NHS, and everyone working in social care – commissioners, providers, the charities that support older people – everyone is saying the same thing and that is the funding isn’t sufficient enough to meet the needs”.

Lee Rochford, who is the business manager of the Old Hall Care Home in Sleaford, also criticised the state of the care sector, claiming that it is “dire” and “appaling”.

However, Glen Garrod, who is the executive director for community care and adult welbeing at Lincolnshire County Council says the care services in the county are in good shape.

“There are pressures, I’ll accept that, but they tend to be particular to certain parts of the county but not to the general, and I think to use the term dire would be to a discredit to the number of really talented and able and dedicated carers that are out there”, he said.

Mr Garrod was also keen to stress that over the last four years the County Council has increased its payment rates to the sector by over 10%.