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Are spit hoods about to be introduced by Lincolnshire Police?

Written by on 24th February 2017

Critics have described them as “cruel and degrading”, but are spit hoods about to be introduced by Lincolnshire Police?

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones is calling for these controversial hoods to be used by the county’s officers, joining a third of forces across the country who already do so.

Siren FM went to Sheffield where the creators of the UK’s only medically-certified spit hoods, Kit Design Works, are based. 

Have a look at a demonstration of its safety features below:

What are spit hoods?

  • Also known as ‘spit guards’, ‘spit shields’, ‘spit mask’ or ‘mesh hood’
  • Used by a third of police forces across the UK
  • Carried by all front-line officers and are for one use only
  • Placed over the head and face of an arrested person/suspect to prevent them spitting or biting the police and other members of the public
  • Spit hoods have been condemned by human rights groups Amnesty International and Liberty, describing them as “cruel and degrading”
  • Police Federation say they “should be available as standard”