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Lincoln Knights’ Trail

Written by on 27th March 2017

The 35 sculptures that make up the Lincoln Knight’s trail  were unveiled today in The Showroom, Lincoln.

Artists have been painting the Knights that are commemorating the 800th anniversary of Lincoln.

After the success of the Barons Trail in 2015 which boosted tourism in the city as well as raising £167,000 for charity, it is hoped the Knights will also boost visitor numbers.

The 800th anniversary commemorates the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest.

The battle at Lincoln Castle took place May 1217 and it saw the English steal the defeat from the French. 

The charter of the Forest granted people the right to graze animals in the woodlands.

Once the Knights Trail is completed the sculptures will be sold at an auction to raise money for a new homeless shelter for The Nomands Trust.

The new shelter will house 32 homeless people.