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A Weally Quite Different Wednesday

Written by on 20th July 2011

Apologies – I couldn’t think of a wittier title than that.

In fact, I couldn’t think of a witty title full stop, but let’s not allow that fact to detract from the new look to Wednesday’s show.

For some time now, Tuesday has been the new Thursday for Lincoln night life. Accordingly, last night I headed into town for my first night out since I came back from university.

The night out itself was fantastic. The feeling of having to get up after three hours’ sleep, having gone to bed at the wrong side of three o’clock, was not. I really expected this morning’s show to be a complete and utter shambles.

Surprisingly, it flew by and from what you guys told me on the texts, tweets and all that malarkey, you really enjoyed it as well, which is great. Thus, after this morning’s success, we’re going to have a completely new look to Wednesdays on Siren FM.

From 9am I’ll be waking you all up gently with some classic tunes and we’ll re-live some of your favourite musical moments from last night. We’ll also go over your suggestions for the Hall of Fame/Shame – highly memorable and probably embarrassing incidents which your friends would rather we didn’t broadcast on the radio.

Then, from 10, we’re all about local music. For one hour only our playlist will be entirely made in Lincolnshire. We’ll also have interviews with local artists and some of your favourite local musicians and bands in session. Certainly not to be missed.

If you want to get your music on the playlist e-mail it to or, alternatively, you can stick it in the post. Make sure it gets to All About Local Music, C/O Tom Davies, Siren FM, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS.

Please make sure to tell us the name of each track along with who wrote it and the record label and publisher if you’re lucky enough to have one. Don’t worry if you don’t, just tell us that you’re unsigned. There are no brownie points for being signed up to someone so let’s not worry about whose is biggest and just be honest shall we?

Once you’re on the playlist there could well be an interview or even a live session in the studio in the offing. We also want to see as many of you performing live as we can, so give us a shout if you’ve got a gig and we’ll give it a plug and a write-up afterwards.

Now start sending us music!

By sending your music to Siren FM you agree to grant us rights to broadcast it on the radio and, in the case of unsigned artists, through The Tom Davies Show Podcast online. If you wish to withdraw this consent please notify us in writing prior to transmission. Any such requests should be sent to or the above postal address.

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