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Meet the Topical Talk Trio

Written by on 16th June 2010

‘End of the Week’ exists in the space between news reporting and news distorting. Born from the minds of three of Siren news’ most twisted editors it examines everything Lincoln, from its sparkling Sunday best to its most disturbing warts and boils. Nothing is safe from its lazy eyed gaze, from council spending to cockerels ending, from agricultural shows to UFO’s and beyond. Light hearted and local – Adam, Stephen and Liam talk about the city and sometimes play some music.

The three come together every week to cement Lincoln’s standing as the centre of the universe. Lincolns across the globe quake in terror as our attention periodically lands in their back yard, establishing our great home city as the yard stick by which all other Lincolns are measured… including Abraham.

Adam Clarke wandered into the siren studios looking for a pencil sharpener two years ago. Since that time he has embedded himself like a drawing pin in a shoe into the news machine. His strengths include knowing where things are and twisting almost everything his co hosts say into a barely recognisable blob of surreality.

Stephen Brien originally started at Siren FM in the summer of 2008 to help out with news over the holiday. Two years later and he’s still here. In January 2010, he joined forces with Dom McAndrew and Adam Clarke. Their mission? To create a witty, entertaining and informative news review show. However, realising that was too hard; they came up with ‘End of the Week’ instead.

Liam Juniper is Siren FM’s Technical Coordinator and has been in this post for the past three years. He’s originally from Nottingham but has been living in Lincolnshire for the past four and a half years so he considers himself to be an informed outsider. Liam joined the team in July 2011 after being a regular guest contributor to the show and is filling the postition left by previous host Dom McAndrew on a semi-permanent basis until Adam and Stephen find somebody better!

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