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The Union, Rock City, Nottingham 24th Oct 2011

Written by on 28th October 2011

I came to see the Union here at Rock City in Nottingham.  The evening started with meeting Luke and Peter backstage for an interview for the show.  I was taken backstage to their dressing room and I was nervous as hell.  I was introduced to the band and they were very nice.  They made me feel very welcome and happy to be interviewed for Siren FM.

After the interview, I went to watch the gig.  Rock City was hot as ever and a good crowd had gathered in the basement.  There was a mixture of age groups the crowd which is always a great sign.

The Union were supported by Fighting Wolves and Mad.  They were both good bands  who warmed up crowd before the main act.  I would like to see them both come back to Nottingham.

At about 8.30pm, the Basement was packed and then came the song “Part of the Union” by the Strawbs came on and the Union came on stage.  The crowd went mad and gave the Union a warm Nottingham welcome. I have included the set list for the evening show.  The songs were a mixture of their two albums, The Union and their new album Siren’s Song. Their setlist included:  Watch the River Flow, Burning Daylight, Blackgold, Saviour, Easy Street, Tupelo, Lillies, Obsession, The Remedy, Cut the Line, Black Monday, Set up the Place, Come Rain Come Shine and Siren’s Song.

The atmosphere of the evening was fantastic and the band had the crowd begging for more.  There was plenty of cheering and clapping.  I came out very hoarse, but it was worth it.  I bumped into a couple of friends who were also in the crowd. They mentioned that as the Union are a new band, they weren’t sure what to expect, but the Union were certainly fantastic and had the crowd eating out of their hands.

When they come back to Rock City I would hope to see them in the main room as they deserve a bigger audience.  I would certainly be seeing them again and I would highly recommend them too.

I would I love to see the Union here in Lincoln at the Engine Shed, I think that they would be great here in Lincoln especially with a couple of local band supporting them.

You can check out The Union out on their website on and please listen on the 10th Novemeber where we have an exclusive interview.

Sammy with Luke Morley and Peter Shoulder from the Union