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Written by on 23rd June 2010

“Since I can remember an afro clad young man has always had an interest in music and not being confined by genre–typing i.e. the worst question in the world”, what kind of music are you interested in?

So… here at Siren FM on a Thursday, feel a transcendental music experience via blagging, begging and borrowing with Leon Sherman and his efforts to bring you the best in new music from a wide range of genre’s from 7-9pm.

Having been a champion of new music for many years since being a student, Leon can now spill out musical delights like its going out of fashion, but believe me the grind is an ongoing cycle.

Splashing the music show with remixes a plenty and dropping some songs like a musical note shaped curveball, make sure you tune in if you like new music, remixes, a deep voice and a sense of partaking in a musical adventure that accompanies the show every week, from the boastfulness of hip-hop, the MIDI control haven of electronica to the shaggy haired leather coat wearing clan (that’s my visual of indie), there is something for everyone so join me…

Got any remixes that you’ve done (did I mention that I love to champion new music?), or found any tunes that you deem suitable then HIT ME UP at: and I’ll make sure I listen and put them on the show, giving you FULL praise of course.

– Leon

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