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The Midweek Drive – the perfect show to be hearing while you`re steering

Written by on 23rd November 2011

Hosted by Siren FM’s co-founder & Programme Leader for the MA in
Community Radio & BA in Contemporary Culture & Communications programmes
Alex Lewczuk with a regular variety of co-hosts including

Humanities faculty Officer Joy Knight,

Upstage Left Publicist & Cultural Solutions co-director Sara Bullimore ,

Natalie Tuck, Jodie Orton, Amy Ellice, Katie Grimason and others providing for an ace audio almanac.
The Midweek Drive provides an eclectic mix of regular contributors from
Bafta award winning Doctor Who Director Graeme Harper, former Hilary
Clinton assistant Sarah Chase, SFX Editor in Chief Dave Bradley,  Angela
Rippon, Liz Brewer, Peter Kerr, Malcolm Tomlinson, Michele Monro with
weekly musical choices from her Father Matt Monro`s recordings ,
children’s comedy writer Dean Wilkinson, country music expert Cameron
Tilbury live from Nashville, Film Critic & Publicist Richard
Fitzwilliams, Singer Songwriter Tallulah Rendall, Fiona Hardingham , Amy
Raasch & Kelly Duncan – Joiner.

Others from Los Angeles including Ace Director Phil Leirness, Marty Ingels & Academy (r) Award winner Shirley Jones, Mike Dooley from Florida , Peter Franklin from New York.

Top Documentary maker Ilana Rein , Annette Andre from New York, Shane & Sheila Rimmer,  Heston-Blumenthal Trained Chef Aaron Craig and many more correspondents from across the globe. With audio highlights of items from the show available together with heaps more stuff via Siren’s sister station.

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A show which encompasses rural news, literature festivals and a wealth
of info and interviews from the cultural industries the show guarantees
to provide audio entertainment of the highest calibre and is an ideal
way to celebrate Wednesdays from 5-7p.m UK time & Thursday mornings from
8.00a.m-10.00a.m with The Midweek Drive Morning Edition.
The Midweek Drive – the perfect show to be hearing while you`re steering