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Lettuce Voices, Doctor Who, Pirates of the Carribean and Bo the Canine

Elouise Sheehan, Beth Gulliver, Natalie Swain, Anna Lewis. William Coles, Philip Hurdwood, Alex Lewczuk, Angela Rippon, Arthur Weingarten, Jonathan Linsley and Robin Pierce travel around the topics with global glee in the latest Midweek Drive audio excursion.

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Inspired on Air March 2018

Sara Bullimore, Julie Ellerby, Ellen Grainger and Leonie Good focus on the Luminarium, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Beowulf, Ballet and the Newark Book Festival in a Spring Equinox themed World Happiness Day IOA.

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Captain Marvel, The Aftermath, Yajur, Countryside Lincs, Sci-Fi London and SciFi Weekender

Director of Communications at the University of Lincoln Elly Sample, Ben Lewis, Keera Allsebrook, Emma Street and Countryside Lincs very own Rosie Boycottbtravel with Alex Lewczuk to Gibraltar with Gabriella Peralta, London with Richard Fitzwilliams and Louis Savy, Newcastle with Arthur McKenzie, Singapore with Yajur and two-time fantasy award winner Paul Finch in the latest […]

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Engadin, GOSN, RATTS, Nine-Dart Finish, The Senton Bombs and Adrian Tchaikovsky

Elouise Sheehan, Beth Gulliver, Ben Sheehan and Alex Lewczuk introduce Hammie to an unsuspecting world, deal with social media outage, congratulate Bill Coles, look forward to SciFI Weekender Part 1, find out where in Spain Abigayle Lemay is and feature a Spring Rock Contest with some ace new musicians, duly commented on by Starburst lead […]



Written by on 29th November 2011

30-11-11 LMYB running order & info

On the eve of the festive season, we’re feeling a little Dickensian with the ‘Hard Times’ ahead.

So, this week we’ll be taking a ‘Christmas Carol’ approach as:
The Ghost of Xmas Past will be reviewing George Osbourne’s Autumn Statement.
For Christmas Present we will be out and about live in Lincoln for the Public Sector Pension Protests.
and The Future of Christmas will be looking ahead to Lincoln’s annual Xmas Market……
Santa’s little helpers will be:
County Councillor (cons) Alister Williams
Lincoln Business Improvement Group CEO, Matt Corrigan
Lots of input from YOU & our business news team as the follow the days protest activities.

Of course its all wrapped up with the usual warmth and merriment that is the News & Market review; ‘Georges Jobs’; Top ten money saving tips for xmas shopping; “Whats on for your business & pleasure” with the best music mix.

But as I’m Ebeneezer Scrooge (apparently << <<    >> >>    << <<);

you’ll have to wait till DECEMBER for a Xmas Tune!!!! yes…..Bah Humbug!!
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