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and the Show Must Go On

Written by on 6th December 2011

This week’s edition of The Rock Train is an emotional tribute to Sam’s Mum who sadly passed away last week.

As well as some very personal music choices, The Rock Train features 3 interviews this week.

First interview up is Sam chatting to rockers Voodoo Six backstage at Rock City in Nottingham literally as they were about to take to the stage. The lads talk about their experiences supporting Iron Maiden and life on the road.

The second interview comes from a cave in deepest Metal-Land and is with Nottingham’s finest metal parody outfit, Evil Scarecrow. Sam is joined by Mick ‘the beard’ Staley to talk to the hilarious duo that are Brother Pain & Dr Hell from the band. They explain how their stage costumes came in to existence and their plans for 2012. We have distilled nearly an hour of insane rambling down to just 15 minutes of insane rambling.

The final interview this week is another backstage visit to the dressing rooms at Rock City to meet up with JD and the FDCs straight after coming off-stage. Sam and Kev talk to Jamie Derelict, Joey Strange and Dazmondo from the band. In a detailed and passionate interview, the lads talk about the music scene past and present and offer an interesting insight in to the business following a long journey that has seen them come together after years playing in various bands. Plus a few tinnies are opened along the way.


Queen – The Show Must Go On

Blaze Bayley – The Man Who Would Not Die

AC/DC – Rock ‘n Roll Train

Voodoo Six – Falling Knives, One More Day

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Evil Scarecrow – Blacken the everything, Choose Metal

JD and the FDCs, Stupid Music (played by Idiots), We Close Our Eyes, Burn This City Down

Queen – The Are The Days of Our Lives

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Coming up in the next show (we hope) – interviews with Rock legends Thunder and a very famous drummer who has rocked all over the world (that’s a clue!)