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13 Shows and The Rock Train is Still Rollin’ Along.

Written by on 23rd March 2012

The Rock Train has reached show 13 and not a sign of Triskaidekaphobia.

The first hour of this week’s  show features Sammy introducing a host of new music. Listen out for tracks by Havana Rocks, Five Finger Death Punch, Stuka Squadron, Falling in Reverse, Destine, This is Hell and Dream on Dreamer.

Listen out for a range of different styles of rock, from the melodic sounds of Destine to the heavy dark sounds of This is Hell.

The second hour features  interviews from members of  2 of the most exciting live bands on the planet.


we interviewd Robin (left) before the show

The Rock Train pulled in at Rock City, Nottingham and managed to get an interview with Robin Everhart from LA rockers RIVAL SONS. The band members have a wide range of musical influences and Robin tells of his love of Miles Davis.

Rival Sons have been described as having a similar sound to Led Zeppelin and they had a sell out crowd at Rock City enthralled at their power-rock. They played the beautiful song ‘Face of Light’ which was written by the lead singer Jay about how he misses his son while on the road with the band. Listen out for the song on our show.

Rival Sons were supporting the amazing Kentucky rockers BLACK STONE CHERRY and we are really pleased to say that we sat down and talked to Ben Wells the guitarist from the band. The Rock Train had to wait for the band to finish talking to Scuzz TV who were filming the show that night but we were happy to wait backstage in the very plush Black Cherry Lounge.

Ben (left) spoke to The Rock Train before the show

Ben is probably the most polite man we’ve ever met and he described how amazed he is by the passion and knowledge of the fans in the UK.

What you won’t realise is that Ben sat through the whole interview nursing his bleeding hand which he had managed to cut during dinner in the tour bus earlier in the evening. I can imagine that some rock stars would throw their toys out the pram and cancel their interviews in order to get their hand sorted out just before a big show but to his credit Ben didn’t make any fuss.

We learn that the band are devoted residents of Kentucky and Ben tells us how the band met and how they will never leave their beloved home state.

Black Stone Cherry took a year off from touring to write and record their latest album, ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ and Ben describes what it was like to spend that long off the road. He chose the song ‘In My Blood’ from the new record to play on The  Rock Train.

Black Stone Cherry absolutely rocked Rock City and put on an amazing show. That humble, polite guitarist Ben who was so quiet and unassuming backstage turned into a whirlwind of high leg-kicks and guitar riffs once the show began. And no ill effects from his cut hand too.

Black stone Cherry leave the crowd wanting more

The last half hour of the show features Siren FMs youngest member, Jacob,  who mixed the music behind the scenes this week and got in front of the microphone for the first time to introduces some tracks to close out. Listen out for him introducing ‘Blame it on the Boom Boom’ by Black Stone Cherry!

The show ends with Ozzy/Randy Rhoads (Crazy Train) and Magadeth’s ’13’. Well, it is show 13, after all.