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Written by on 10th May 2012

On The Rock Train this week we welcome contributions from two musicians who have both been there, done that, played with the the greats, got the T-Shirt, done the big tour and so on.

We are talking about MARCO MENDOZA, who is a current member of Thin Lizzy and who has toured as part of Whitesnake and with Ted Nugent, and DANNY VAUGHN, singer with Tyketto and the Ultimate Eagles.

Marco Mendoza live on stage

We met up with Marco in a rock club called the Diamond, just outside Mansfield. Marco was delighted to be over in the UK playing his solo work and featured songs from his new album, ‘Live for Tomorrow’. He plays a mean bass guitar but we were blown away by his singing. The man can sure sing a mean tune!

Marco was kind enough to talk to us before the show and in the interview you will hear him describe his love for his music. He is touring with Thin Lizzy at the moment, supporting Guns and Roses around the UK. This is no trbute band to Thin Lizzy. This is the same band that was around back in the 70’s and the 80’s with 3 of the original members. Marco is confident that there will be new Thin Lizzy material available in the near future, something every music fan will surely be looking forward to.

Thin Lizzy will be doing their own headlining tour of the UK in November/December this year and we are hoping to see them in Nottingham’s Rock City. Details can be found on their website.

On this week’s show we feature some of Marco’s solo work plus examples of him on stage with Whitesnake with David Coverdale and of course with Ted Nugent.

The first half of the show is a tribute to the masters of soft melodic rock and the creators of some of the finest songs ever constructed, The Eagles. They were a true cross-over band. They performed rock, ballads, country and western but whatever style they chose, the musicianship and songwriting was second to none.

Danny Vaughn is a massive Eagles fan and he is a member of The Ultimate Eagles who pay due reverence to the songs and music of the Eagles. We spoke to Danny who gave us an in-depth interview about why the Eagles songs still endure today.

The Ultimate Eagles

The Ultimate Eagles consist of a collection of world class session musicians in their own right who have got together to have fun and to rise to the challenge of recreating live on stage songs that took the Eagles months to record and perfect. Having seen them play live we can tell you that the Ultimate Eagles really do the business on stage. all are amazing musicians and vocally they are nothing short of perfect.

Danny was pleased to tell us that his band Tyketto have released a new album, the first for 18 years and we feature some tracks on our show.

Running order for Show 16



Part 1

Intro (Rock Show)

Hello There


The Other Side (both by Danny Vaughn)

Extended interview with danny featuring The Last Resort by The Eagles

Victim of Love – The Eagles

Faithless – Tyketto

Interview 2 with Danny (recorded about 5 minutes before he went on stage in Leicester)

Desperado – The Ultimate Eagles version ft. Danny on vocals

Part 2

Earthtones – Ted Nugent/Marco Mendoza

Interview with Marco Mendoza

Still in Me


Look Out For the Boys (both by Marco Mendoza)

Judgement Day (live) – Whitesnake ft David Coverdale and Marco Mendoza




The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy (from the 1976 album Jailbreak)

The Still of the Night (live) – Whitesnake ft David Coverdale and Marco Mendoza


We hope you enjoy this week’s show, there’s some great music and fascinating chat to enjoy. 

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