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Grass Roots Radio – Week 3 Gallery

Written by on 28th October 2012

Grass Roots Radio is a chance for people to learn the basics of how to set up and run a community radio station offered by Siren FM, the University of Lincoln and the The Journalism Foundation, the charity that aims to encourage free journalism in a free world.

Work produced over the six week course will be broadcast on Siren FM on Saturdays between 4 and 5pm, and you’ll be able to hear parts of that here on the website as well as download podcasts from the weekly guest speakers.

This week, the Grass Roots team produced a 15 minute example programme made partially with interviewing other delegates – it was produced off-air as live in the practice studio and wasn’t played on Siren FM, but you can hear what stories they covered in their first test show here online…


And if you want to get an idea of how the workshops are going, we’ve put together a little gallery…

Next week’s guest speaker podcasts will be exploring how to make plans for full programmes and there’ll be another practice run – which both will be available here on