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Connected #13 – The Video Game Opinion Amnesty

Written by on 20th January 2013

Jon and Darren open the opinion amnesty to help you commit heresy against popular games. We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mega Man series (as Capcom aren’t going to), check up with Darren’s diary on CodeAcademy, try to solve games retail (hint: we don’t) and for the second week running we try and do weather reports. Will we get it right this time?

Connected – Episode 13 by Connected on Mixcloud

The Opinion Amnesty

This week we had a chance for you to get your unpopular views on games off your chest – whether other people love or hate it, and you just disagree, it’s a way of getting it out there without being judged (much). Jon rallied against Football Manager, while Darren explained why he’s no fan of the so-called ‘Greatest Game of All Time’ – Ocarina of Time.

We also had suggestions in for the classic Mario games, not understanding Minecraft, Call of Duty, Pokemon and even Chrono Trigger!

If you’ve got a suggestion for the next round of the Amnesty, you can tweet it to us (@JonathanEx), drop it in an email or comment here on the site.

This week’s links

Darren’s trying to teach himself HTML through CodeAcademy – and if you want to have a go it’s at

We also played a bit of Mega Man music to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Here’s the video that made us realise something better than Capcom’s attempt needed to be done…

Plus if you want to help get a few video game tracks recognised in the world of classical music, all the info you need to vote is here.


A load of tracks from Rock Band this week, plus possibly the weirdest song yet on the show – Katamari!

When You Were Young – The Killers
Want You Gone – Jonathan Coulton
Rock Lobster – B52s
Aerith’s Theme – Nobou Uematsu
Let It Snow – Smokey Robinson
This Is Gallifrey – Murray Gold
Gimmie Shelter – Rolling Stones
Ballroom Blitz – Sweet
Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
Dr Wily Stage 1 – 2 – The Greatest Bits
Don’t Save Me – Haim