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Introducing Lincoln A to Z

Written by on 7th March 2013

Lincoln A to Z will explore the city by visiting 52 randomly selected grid squares from the Lincoln A to Z street map.  Presenter Paul Tyler and Producer Jonny Haw will spend the next year visiting every grid and making a programme about each one for community radio station Siren 107.3FM.

Presenter Paul Tyler said: “The idea came to me when I noticed how often we pass through parts of the city but never stop to explore.  Every street has a story to tell, so by taking the time to look at each area in detail we’re hoping to delve below the surface.”

The map grids the programme will be exploring have been chosen entirely at random by members of the public, which means that some notable parts of the city have been missed out.

“We’ve somehow managed to completely miss out on the Cathedral area, and many other prominent parts of the city” says Paul, “but those areas are already well documented.  We’re interested in the less obvious places – the suburbs, the retail parks and the villages.”

“One of the chosen squares is, according to the map, completely empty – but we still somehow have to make a programme about it!”

The team are now looking for help from the public to provide information on the areas they’ll be visiting.

“We’re asking the public to contribute any stories, facts, memories, opinions or even poems inspired by the grids, and we’ll document it all on the radio show and website.”

To see which grids the programme will be covering and find out how you can contribute, go to

The programme will go out every Monday 9pm-10.30pm from 11th March on Siren 107.3FM and will also be available as a podcast via the website.