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Written by on 12th April 2013


Don’t want to miss your favourite show? It’s really easy to take Siren FM on the go thanks to your mobile phone.

If you’ve got an iPhone or an Android device, you can download the free app Radioplayer to listen to us live. It brings radio stations from across the country together in one place and that includes us!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just search for Siren FM and you’re good to go – you can even add us to your favourites to make it even easier to find when you open the app.

When you’re listening, you can open the app to find out more information about what shows are on air, and even get in touch by sending a message straight to the studio!

And if you’re worried about needing a fast connection, don’t be – if you’re connected over 2G or 3G, you’ll get a special mobile stream that uses less bandwidth. If you’re on fast enough Wi-Fi, you’ll automatically get our full quality live stream – and it’s all handled by clever stuff in the app so you don’t need to do a thing.

So if you’re ready to take Siren FM on the go, just download Radioplayer from the Apple App Store or from Google Play now.

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