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Food for Thought getting ready for Easter

Written by on 23rd March 2013

The show this week is a bit of a mixed bag with some best of interviews, including the chef James Martin, as well as some great recipes using Creme Eggs.

Listen to this week’s show here:


Creme egg brownies

Easter cupcakes | Photo: Charlotte ReidI have come up with my own Easter tradition. The best Easter egg available every year is the Cadbury’s creme egg. I decided last year to be a bit creative and, with the help of the internet, I came up with creme egg cupcakes.

It was a chocolate cupcake with a whole creme egg in the middle, decorated with butter icing and some mini creme eggs. They were very indulgent, but also very sweet. To be honest they were enjoyable but also hard work to eat. However, if you do fancy trying them out here is the recipe I used.

This year I decided to try again, and saw a recipe for creme egg brownies online I thought I would try out. To make them all you have to do is make a normal brownie mix and press creme egg halves on top. It may sound simple but the results are delicious.

If you would like to try making these yourself I made a quick video to help you out.

There will be more talk about chocolate next week on Food for Thought as chocolatier Rosella Gugliotta, who runs Okie Coco will be talking about making Easter eggs.