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The American Dream Team: The Boston marathon bombing

Written by on 16th April 2013

Jack, Jodie and Ben were joined by the Siren FM news team for a special edition of the programme in the aftermath of the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

You can find interviews and clips from the programme below.

View from the race

Andrea Mia was at the Boston Marathon and joined the show live to discuss events as she saw them.


From Boston UK to Boston USA

There are strong ties between Boston, Lincolnshire and Boston Massachusetts, dating back to the 1630s.

Siren FM reporter Ed Wellman spoke to Councillor Colin Brotherton, Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire, to get his response to the events.

He began by asking Councillor Brotherton about the historical links and how both places are responding to yesterday’s events.

Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire also had a special message for the Mayor of Boston, USA.

The aftermath and security

Whilst the needs of the victims from the bombings in Boston are of paramount importance, attention is also focusing on the perpetrators and their motives. In the UK there’s some speculation as to whether this will have an effect on two significant events this week – the funeral of Baroness Thatcher and the London Marathon.

Dr Andrew Defty is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. His particular area of expertise includes the intelligence service and security issues.

When Andrew David spoke to him, earlier today, he talked, first, of his reaction to the events that unfolded yesterday:

Reaction from America

Professor Craig Stark, Associate Professor of Communications at Susquehanna University, joined the show live to discuss his thoughts on the event.

Mark Leon, Global Social Media Solutions Consultant, and friend of the American Dream Team, Pennsylvania, was due to be in Boston for the race. He joined the show live to discuss the reaction to the event in America and how it was covered online.

Professor Norman Cherry from the University of Lincoln is currently visiting America, he and Virginia Wilcox joined Andrew David to discuss his reaction to the event and how news of it spread.