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Student showcase and homemade Google Glass

Written by on 6th May 2013


This week on Connected, it’s all about creativity. Jonathan and Darren check out the University of Lincoln’s Computer Science Student Showcase event, looking at all sorts of creative robots, websites and games. Inspired by Google Glass landing in the hands of (or on the heads of?) “explorers”, Jon makes his own version with some dubious results.

Student Showcase

2013-05-03 11.35.12
First, second and third year students at the University of Lincoln were showing off their work to prospective employers, guests and the public at the Student Showcase event.

There was things from small robot cars built with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi to games controlled with just one button, as well as more serious things such as log in and attendance systems. On the show you can hear Jon and Darren discuss some of the things they got to try.

Also at the event were industry experts from various companies around Lincoln – including Rockstar Lincoln and Software Europe. Connected got a chance to speak to them about their impressions of the day, and advice for people looking at getting in the industry:

Find out more information on the School of Computer Science blog.

GTA exclusive?

With Rockstar in attendance at the Student Showcase event, it would be wrong if we didn’t ask them about the game on everybody’s lips… hear our exclusive interview (sort of) here:

Homemade Google Glass

We’ve already turned Instagram in to glasses, FIFA 13 in to Monopoly and Curiosity in to a home toy. So we’ve proven our ability to bodge things together in the name of technological development.

So to make our own version of Google Glass, we took the Instaglasses – and added an 808 car key micro-camera. The idea was that they should try and slip away, it be subtle and not too obvious… But mysteriously everyone noticed them and kept talking about them.

And with little idea of how the camera aims or works, here’s the… creative attempts at photography in the studio.

Google Glass 1 Google Glass 2

See more photos in the full gallery