Nick’s punishment

Written by on 11th July 2013

Hello all you lovely people! đŸ™‚

George here giving you a few updates on the adventure that is No Adults Allowed,

Recently a ban has been put in place to stop Nick from making high pitched, childish or annoying noises on air. So far he has failed to break this rule on every show it has been in place. At its current standing it has been broken in excess of 70 times since being signed and instead of keeping up with all of these punishments the team thought it best to do one big punishment to clean the slate.

So, here’s what’s going to happen; we need 100 votes to get Nick to ‘Twerk’ live on webcam in female clothing. So, how can you vote? Well you can go to our Facebook or Twitter pages and like, share, favorite, comment, retweet the posts or you can post, tweet or message us on those pages. We also have out Google+ page on which you can add your vote using +1’s and comments. There’s now this web post as well with comments enabled, so there’s another way you can vote now too!

Here’s something that’ll make life easier for you if you haven’t done so already:

Go and do your stuff you awesome awesome people!

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