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The Rock Train at 50

Written by on 6th August 2013

It says something when we are too busy to celebrate our own 50th edition.

Yes, the Rock Train has chugged its way through 50 shows over the past 2 years. We would like to thank everyone who has appeared on the show as guests, presenters, studio helpers, button pushers, cake buyers, the amazing bands whose music we feature on every show and everyone who sends us the music. And of course we’d like to thank everyone who listens to us and everyone who reads our blogs, our Facebook page.

You can hear some of our longer interview edits online now by clicking here

A big thank you too to Mr Andrew David (the Overlord of Siren FM) who has put his faith in the show from week 1 and has supported us in all our crazy ideas and encouraged us to keep being creative and pushing for more. This belief was typified when he allowed us to produce our second show The Rock Train Extra Carriage which now goes out every other Friday, featuring festivals, acoustic sessions, classic rock and many other themes.

More big thank yous go to the unsung heroes in the Siren FM production office, especially Ian Mills who puts up with our regular tantrums when the dreaded gremlins prevent equipment working etc.

Although we didn’t have any wild celebration in the studio to celebrate the recording of the 50th show which airs on Thursday, we have managed to secure 2 top draw guests. Namely Dez Fafara of metal legends DevilDriver plus Jean Paul Gaster, drummer of  Clutch. Dez talked to us from his home in LA just prior to him jetting off to play at Bloodstock Festival this weekend (a festival that The Rock Train will be covering).

There is the usual mix of new music, much of it sent to us by bands wanting airplay from all over the UK and abroad.

On the Extra Carriage this Friday Mark challenged Kev to create a fantasy festival line-up featuring 8 bands he’d like to see play at a festival and to explain why. Mark has done the same and the result is a show consisting of two fantasy festival line-ups. One from Kev, one from Mark. Neither of us knew what the other had chosen before recording the show. Listen in for a smorgasbord of music and amusing festival anecdotes….

Once again a BIG thank you for everyone’s support over the past couple of years. Kev and Mark

The Rock Train Extra Carriage

The Rock Train Extra Carriage