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The African Diaries – Podcast

Written by on 16th August 2013

The African Diaries – Podcast

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In August 2012 while the worlds eyes were watching London as athletes from all over the globe came to compete for medals, Sam Reast from Lincoln traveled to Africa because he wanted to make a difference.

Sam who is 18-years-old spent two years raising the money that he would need for his trip to Kenya.

During those two years, Sam found it challenging raising the £2000 that he needed to go, but his determination and passion drove him on.

Travelling to Kenya was going to be a personal challenge for Sam as he has autism. Nobody was more surprised that he was as how much he enjoyed his trip and the new skills that he learnt.

After his month in Kenya, Sam returned back to Lincoln a different person. He was humbled to have met some lovely people in Africa and now wants to tell people about all the good things that are going on there, despite the people there having little money and resources.

You can listen to the diaries that Sam recorded and hear about his adventures, as well as the highs and lows of his trip below.

The series The African Diaries was produced by Samantha Pidoux for Siren 107.3 FM.