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Going Back to Education

Written by on 3rd October 2013

Whether you are not sure what you want to do with your life or if you fancy a change in job. If you have left education because of having children or whether you need a new direction. Have you considered going back into education?

Going back into education, no matter which level you are entering is a big step and scary too. You may worry about not being able to write academically or the age difference between you an everyone else. You can even worry about how you would finance it or most importantly what if you fail?

I was joined on All Thing Women by Emma Wray who is 23 and returning to college and also Dr Kelly Sisson who is from the University of Lincoln’s Post Graduate school to discuss all of these points and more.

For more information on going back to education you can have a look at the following websites which should answer many of the questions that you may have in regards to funding and any fears that you may have.

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