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Sweet Heat Chilli and Sam’s leftover food challenge

Written by on 13th October 2013

Sweet Heat Chilli and Sam’s leftover food challenge

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On this week’s Food for Thought I chat to Claire Jones from Sweet Heat Chilli and also found out how Sam Pidoux’s leftover food challenge went.

Sweet Heat Chilli only started selling their chilli jams and sauces in April this year but they are already seeing great success. Claire Jones, who owns the Horncastle based company, told me that it all started when her husband lived in Mexico 20 years ago and fell in love with the spicy taste. He started off making the chilli sauces and jams for himself but now they enjoy selling them too.

Claire also explains that they like to showcase all types of chilli flavours, rather than just the incredibly hot flavours. Claire has also used chillis in unusual ways, such as her chilli chocolate brownies.

Also in this week’s show, for 10 days Sam Pidoux made all her meals using ingredients she already had leftover in her fridge, freezer and cupboards. She’s back on Food for Thought to say what she’s learnt from her challenge.

On top of doing Food for Thought this week I was a guest on Peter Smith’s Behind the Headlines discussing what was in the news on Friday, including missing Doctor Who episodes, Edward Snowden and possible changes to driving licences for those under 18. So if you fancy listening to something slightly different the podcast is here.

On the next show I will be talking about the East Midlands Vegan Festival and taking a look at the Bake Off effect with Xanthe Clay from The Telegraph.