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The Morning Edition – 20 February 2014

Written by on 15th February 2014

Eve Thomas returns and reflects on The Brits with Alex Lewczuk, Katie Grimason, Rachel Warren & Gabriella Peralta whilst Richard Fitzwilliams adds another level of film criticism to the programme.

Professor Tanya Byron and CEO of the NCS Trust Michael Lynas discuss discriminatory journalism and stereotypes with Alex Lewczuk before writer Ian Lennox shares his weekly thoughts with Katie, Gabriella & Rachel.

The final hour of the show concludes with a parade of perfection with writer Jessica Fisher discussing her award winning play `Ghost Town` ahead of its upcoming performance at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Melanie Crouch enthusing over Templeton Thompson, William Sitwell critiquing a London restaurant, and Shane Rimmer introducing the world to new animated delights- with Alex, Rachel, Katie Grimason & Ed.