Leon’s Mash Up Show 2nd September

Written by on 2nd September 2010

Evening folks,

Just to let you know the best in music returns to the airwaves this week after a week’s absence! The show includes new features such as my look at producers in the Lincoln area – this week it’s the time of Dubphobia, a 20 year old dubstep producer who’s done a mash-tastic dubstep version of Paramore’s CrushCrushCrush. As well as this exclusive I’ll have the regular mash, hit or miss and the house maestro, Mr.Ben Webb, from the Siren Mixer team will be giving us his house track of the week. So ganderers ahoy; tune in Thursday 7-9pm on Siren 107.3FM, the best night for the best music on Lincoln’s first community station!

Leon x

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