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What is The Tom Davies Show with Tom Davies?

Written by on 3rd September 2010

At long last, after no end of nagging, threats and repeated beating with a trouser press, Tom has got off his backside to write something for the website about his latest show. Here it is:

The Tom Davies Show with Tom Davies is, quite simply, an hour of silliness between nine and ten on a Friday night. Whether someone’s being rugby tackled in the toilets mid-way through bowel movement or you’re selected as Tom’s ‘Idiot of the Day’, there’s always plenty for Siren’s legal department to see and do for sixty glorious minutes at the end of the working week.

With his producer, Ben, in tow, along with a whole host of ‘listeners’ phoning in regularly, Siren’s youngest full-time presenter creates a show which you could quite easily mistake for something on Radio 1.

“I tuned in and thought ‘oh good, this must be Radio 1’, but it turned out it was actually Siren FM”
– Maude from Barnsley

Perhaps the most hilarious moment in the show’s history of three weeks was when Tom genuinely did use the ladies’ toilets by mistake, but it’s probably best that we don’t go on about that. Anyway, if you’re a fan of Zane Lowe, Tim Westwood or Kissy Sell-Out you’d do well to avoid listening to The Tom Davies Show with Tom Davies, on Friday between 9 and 10 and then repeated on Tuesday at the same time.

Boom ting!

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