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Written by on 10th October 2010

It is very hard to define what exactly Gav does in the studio every Monday and Tuesday, in fact its very hard to define what Gav does period. There are buttons pressed, there is music played and there is some talking (admittedly most of it incomprehensible gibberish) but, much like a monkey trying to express the complete works of the Beatles in margarine sculptures, he tries!

Having being involved with Siren for longer than anyone cares to remember, the self-professed ‘saviour’ could be classed as a wily veteran.  However, that would imply something other than the fact he is just a big kid at heart!

Gav brings you all the best chart tracks and classic hits mixed in with his unique blend of weird news from around the globe in the form of his ‘headline headache’ as well as enlightening you on all the most bizarre occurrences from everyday life living in Lincoln.

His current show goes out every Monday and Tuesday between 1pm and 3pm and is aimed squarely at those of us who are not easily confused by breathing! Everyone’s invited to get involved as much or as little as they want, depending on, of course, if the boss is watching or your supposed to be taking notes in class!

Away from the studio you may have seen Gav in one of Lincoln’s clubs banging out the hits for you, the long time resident DJ of the now defunct Scream club still pops up occasionally in places like Pulse/Ritzy/Jaks and the Engine Shed doing guest slots.

Gav has been concentrating on the Radio Show for a while now, but there is still chances to join him for a night of bootyshakin’ and a cheeky lemonade or two. Stay tuned for updates on the site or follow him on Twitter for news.

He Promises his website will finally be up and running one of these days, but then 5ive also said they were reforming and bringing out new music and we’re all still waiting!

Stay tuned for updates and Blogs from the big mouthed, bearded broadcaster as soon as we can convince him that Brie isn’t a girls cheese!

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